Hospital multimedia all in a single location


ECG, dermatology, gastric, etc.


TM-MACS is a complete flow management solution for images, video, and scanned documents related to the patient. This solution manages worklists in integration with the institution's other information systems, allowing for reliable patient identification at source.

What about the server part?

TM-MACS is the whole software suite used to manage storage, archiving, and viewing in connection with patient files. Telemis supplies and configures the software, and integrates it with the existing infrastructure.

Even non-DICOM?

For a long time, PACS systems have revolved around the use of DICOM images. The time has come to find a viable, efficient solution for other data sources. Telemis offers a rational solution for all hospital departments.

And what about support?

Telemis offers the technology to satisfy user needs whilst also including training, project management, and support for change, now and throughout the life of your project. That is why our TM-MACS projects include unlimited support.

A multidisciplinary solution
To connect departments that use JPG, PDF, DICOM, AVI, standards with patient identity management.
Limitless infrastructure
To operate 24/7 with redundancy on the virtual infrastructure and virtual machine. No limit to the archiving capacity.
Unique viewer
For all clinicians on MAC, PC, or tablet, as well as external contacts in ZFP.
Cloud ready
All Telemis applications have an architecture designed to connect to the Cloud, just as two Lego® bricks connect to each other.
1 photo = archived ?
The TM-Capture option lets you transform any tablet or phone into an image capture modality.



Operating theater

Nuc. Med.



Office, PDF




The solution




How do you manage the images stored on clinicians' PCs or iPads?

100% mobile

Capture, view, and archive medical images easily, anywhere, on smartphones and tablets.


Handling of endoscopy and dermatology videos, JPG, PNG, and DICOM images, scanned patient documents, etc.


The system has a modular design to connect to the Cloud: we can start whenever you like.

Advanced viewer

Video viewers, cardiology viewers, etc. The ideal toolbox for doctors.

High-end, all-in service

Installation, training and configuration services are all integrated into the project. Programmed updates are applied annually. This means that your MACS will always be up to date.


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